currently on my reading list...

I have so many books on my holds list at the library, I can't seem to keep up!  I always love to read an actual book, although lately I've been bingeing on audiobooks in the car for my commute every day - it makes the drive seem so much faster!  Here's a few of my most anticipated reads on these chilly winter days:

Where'd You Go, Bernaadette by Maria Semple

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I'm sure you've all heard of (and probably already read) this one, but I'm still working on it.  It'll be a movie soon enough, one I'm very excited to see!

Dark Places and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
While we're at it, we might as well finish the series!

On the Outside Looking Indian by Rupinder Gill
I'm always into cultural novels, whether true stories or fiction.  It's just a peep into how so many other people live, so differently from myself.

Malcom Gladwell
I want to get through them all, although I don't think I will read in order.  I think I'm going to start with Outliers.  It never hurts to get a little advice on achieving success.

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.
I'm more than halfway through this one, and I love it!  It's the perfect mix of science (and learning something new) and spirituality.

What's on your reading list?  Have you read anything amazing lately?


basement den inspiration

my basement den is coming along in full force, and it will be done before you know it!  I wanted to show a little of what's going on down there:

Inspiration - navy walls, grey sofa, brass, creme accents.  Not quite so traditional, though.  Although that cocktail tables makes me want to cry a little.

And this is what is happening so far.

Currently on the lookout for a cocktail table, table lamp, & tv dresser.  Will post options as I find them!


be bold with stripes!

Stripes have started to make a major statement across the board - in design, fashion, interiors - just about anywhere you look!  I'm seriously considering incorporating some painted stripes into my house [it's already taken over a large portion of the rest of my life], and I have been finding some great inspiration!!

left:  via {bh&g}   |   right: via {elements of style}

Look what a difference context can make!  The image on the left shows how clean and fresh a simple grey stripe can be, and the image on the right shows how a black & white contrast stripe with gallery-style photos on the walls can make for such an eclectic mix.

 left: via {west elm}  |  right: via {rue mag}

Check out the way the tile & grout lines make almost a pinstripe in the bathroom on the right.  So masculine, next to such a feminine claw-foot tub!

left: via {west elm}  |  right: via {elements of style}

left: via {kate spade}  |  right: via {etsy}

 via {j. crew}

left: via {kate spade}  |  right: via {etsy}

These notepads help combat miserable Mondays, and these straws help combat miserable 100 degree days!  Add a little color, and everything seems happier!

Check out this Dorothy Draper wallcovering juxtaposed with this teal striped ceiling.  Can you imaging walking down these stairs?  Dizzy much??

via {sketch 42}

I think this is exactly what I am looking for in my house!  So clean and subtle!



haute obsessions № 2 - west elm edition

I apologize for my absence.  I would love to say I have just been too busy, but honestly, I spent the weekend on the sofa in my jammies.  And it was awesome.

For this edition of haute obsessions, I have collected some of the many many things that I am currently in love and major want with from West Elm.  I love that store so much... who doesn't?!

Perfect for all of those bathroom (and kitchen) essentials, and completely customizable with word etchings.  A place for everything and everything in it's place! 

I am on a grey and yellow kick lately, and it's the color scheme that I'm working into my guest bedroom/office.  I'm drooling over these pillows, specifically the one in the front.

I need another ceramic stool/table for my bathroom, right next to my awesome giant tub!  Everyone needs somewhere to sit their glass of wine and magazine when taking a bubble bath!  And what can be more perfect than a ceramic table?  Completely waterproof!

Love.  Nuff said.


Everyone needs a little animal print.  And it's so subtly done.  Yes?

7 {pendant}
Industrial chic is everywhere these days.  What I wouldn't give for a pair of these staggered over my pretend awesome dining table.

I love this lamp, but I must say, I love mine more. See below:

This was the world's ugliest brass table lamp, and I must give my mom credit.  She painted it glossy white, and it has a whole new life now.  (She didn't agree, which is why it is mine now...)

P.S. Travis - I looked.  Walmart didn't deliver.  I'm poor.  Therefore, Target shade stays.


color concepts № 1

I'm beginning a new series on my blog showing examples of color consults offered in my design services page.  I can create something like this to any extent needed - just let me know what you're looking for!  I have given color equivalents in Benjamin Moore colors, so that you can recreate the one you love!

This room is a current-day take on 1970's colors with mid-century shapes.  I think this room is so beautiful... and I just can't get over that light fixture!

 room image via {material girls}


just a little reminder...

via {pinterest}

my apologies

My apologies... I haven't written a post since Thursday!  I promise, I have some good ones in the works.  I'm thinking my week will lighten up and we'll be back to a normal posting schedule in no time, but until then, here's a little graphic illustration of what my problem is:

via {pinterest}


sarah's houses

My friend Travis over at The Well Appointed Home recently did a blog post about Tommy Smythe, design assistant to Sarah Richardson.  His work is beautiful, and it gave me the idea to address Sarah, herself.

Some of you may know Sarah Richardson from the ever-such-a-thorn-in-my-side HGTV.  but honestly, she's the only "designer" on there that I'll give the time of day to.  She is, indeed, a real designer, and an amazing one at that.  I am a regular viewer of all of her shows, but I have to say, Sarah's House is my favorite.

This dining room and kitchen are from a penthouse apartment that Sarah did.  I am over the moon over the cabinet doors in that madagascar ebony wood and the light fixture over the dining table.  What an amazing alternative to the traditional chandelier in your formal dining room.

These are some great solutions to small spaces from her website.  On the left is a dining area that accommodates a 6-top table in an apartment that does not have a dining room at all.  This is a great workspace, and it's so great to have this resource when having a dinner party!  On the right you'll see a beautiful floor in a powder room of a basement.  Powder rooms are the perfect place to use a very expensive or elaborate flooring or wallcovering.  Because the space is so small, you won't be spending very much for a lot of impact!

Above is a bathroom and laundry room is one of the Sarah's House homes.  Who wouldn't kill for this laundry room?! 

This is the entry to my favorite of the Sarah's House seasons.  This is from the mid-century back split that she designed.  First of all, this grey is the perfect color for me.  The white of the banister and moldings and the dark floors make for the ideal light/dark mix.  Anyone that knows me will tell you: I love neutrals like nobody's business!

This is the living room and kitchen of the same home.  I love the pink accents in the living area.  And the kitchen shows how great it can look to do different colored cabinets on the top and bottom.  As a general rule of thumb, do a darker tone on the bottom and a lighter version of the same color on the top.  I think if it was me, I would do a medium grey on the bottom and a light grey on the top.  Perfect for when you just can't pick a color!

If you aren't familiar with Sarah's work, be sure to check her out on HGTV.  and then, when the show goes off, so should your TV.  the rest is just a big no-no.  :)

all images via {Sarah Richardson Design}