haute obsessions № 2 - west elm edition

I apologize for my absence.  I would love to say I have just been too busy, but honestly, I spent the weekend on the sofa in my jammies.  And it was awesome.

For this edition of haute obsessions, I have collected some of the many many things that I am currently in love and major want with from West Elm.  I love that store so much... who doesn't?!

Perfect for all of those bathroom (and kitchen) essentials, and completely customizable with word etchings.  A place for everything and everything in it's place! 

I am on a grey and yellow kick lately, and it's the color scheme that I'm working into my guest bedroom/office.  I'm drooling over these pillows, specifically the one in the front.

I need another ceramic stool/table for my bathroom, right next to my awesome giant tub!  Everyone needs somewhere to sit their glass of wine and magazine when taking a bubble bath!  And what can be more perfect than a ceramic table?  Completely waterproof!

Love.  Nuff said.


Everyone needs a little animal print.  And it's so subtly done.  Yes?

7 {pendant}
Industrial chic is everywhere these days.  What I wouldn't give for a pair of these staggered over my pretend awesome dining table.

I love this lamp, but I must say, I love mine more. See below:

This was the world's ugliest brass table lamp, and I must give my mom credit.  She painted it glossy white, and it has a whole new life now.  (She didn't agree, which is why it is mine now...)

P.S. Travis - I looked.  Walmart didn't deliver.  I'm poor.  Therefore, Target shade stays.


color concepts № 1

I'm beginning a new series on my blog showing examples of color consults offered in my design services page.  I can create something like this to any extent needed - just let me know what you're looking for!  I have given color equivalents in Benjamin Moore colors, so that you can recreate the one you love!

This room is a current-day take on 1970's colors with mid-century shapes.  I think this room is so beautiful... and I just can't get over that light fixture!

 room image via {material girls}


just a little reminder...

via {pinterest}

my apologies

My apologies... I haven't written a post since Thursday!  I promise, I have some good ones in the works.  I'm thinking my week will lighten up and we'll be back to a normal posting schedule in no time, but until then, here's a little graphic illustration of what my problem is:

via {pinterest}


sarah's houses

My friend Travis over at The Well Appointed Home recently did a blog post about Tommy Smythe, design assistant to Sarah Richardson.  His work is beautiful, and it gave me the idea to address Sarah, herself.

Some of you may know Sarah Richardson from the ever-such-a-thorn-in-my-side HGTV.  but honestly, she's the only "designer" on there that I'll give the time of day to.  She is, indeed, a real designer, and an amazing one at that.  I am a regular viewer of all of her shows, but I have to say, Sarah's House is my favorite.

This dining room and kitchen are from a penthouse apartment that Sarah did.  I am over the moon over the cabinet doors in that madagascar ebony wood and the light fixture over the dining table.  What an amazing alternative to the traditional chandelier in your formal dining room.

These are some great solutions to small spaces from her website.  On the left is a dining area that accommodates a 6-top table in an apartment that does not have a dining room at all.  This is a great workspace, and it's so great to have this resource when having a dinner party!  On the right you'll see a beautiful floor in a powder room of a basement.  Powder rooms are the perfect place to use a very expensive or elaborate flooring or wallcovering.  Because the space is so small, you won't be spending very much for a lot of impact!

Above is a bathroom and laundry room is one of the Sarah's House homes.  Who wouldn't kill for this laundry room?! 

This is the entry to my favorite of the Sarah's House seasons.  This is from the mid-century back split that she designed.  First of all, this grey is the perfect color for me.  The white of the banister and moldings and the dark floors make for the ideal light/dark mix.  Anyone that knows me will tell you: I love neutrals like nobody's business!

This is the living room and kitchen of the same home.  I love the pink accents in the living area.  And the kitchen shows how great it can look to do different colored cabinets on the top and bottom.  As a general rule of thumb, do a darker tone on the bottom and a lighter version of the same color on the top.  I think if it was me, I would do a medium grey on the bottom and a light grey on the top.  Perfect for when you just can't pick a color!

If you aren't familiar with Sarah's work, be sure to check her out on HGTV.  and then, when the show goes off, so should your TV.  the rest is just a big no-no.  :)

all images via {Sarah Richardson Design}


get to know me award

Travis over at The Well-Appointed Home tagged me in the Tell Me About Yourself Award.  Thanks!!  The rules are:

Thank the person who tagged you:  Thanks again, Travis!
List 7 things that people don't know about you:  See below!
Tag 15 people: I am so new to the blogging scene, I don't have very many friends yet!  So - I tag every blogger that reads this post!  Seriously, I tag you!

1.  I am originally from Savannah, GA, and currently live in Atlanta, GA.
2.  I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We began dating when I was only 14, and have now been married for almost 4 years.
3.  Right after college graduation, we moved to Dubai, UAE together for an awesome job opportunity.
4.  I have 4 years of hospitality design experience, and am currently trying to make a name for myself in e-design and home consultation.  Check out my design services page!
5.  I originally started looking into going to the Art Institute of Atlanta after graduation for culinary arts.  It didn't take long to realize that late nights in a hot kitchen wasn't exactly my style.  For now, I just enjoy cooking at home and learning from the Food Network.
6.  I love NYC - and would move there in a heartbeat.  
7.  My furry boy is named Max, an 8 year old shih tzu.  He thinks he is human and wouldn't dream of sleeping anywhere but right between myself and my husband in the bed.  He's the most adorable boy in the world - see what I mean??

Ta Da!  Ok, see you all tomorrow!


arranging bookshelves

Arranging bookshelves can be one of the hardest things to get right when decorating.  I, personally, have re-arranged mine umpteen times - and still do a little tweaking every once in a while.  I have gathered a few of my favorite images from across the web of the best bookshelves... built-in and mobile alike.

via {Lonny}

Both of these images are so lovely and show such a bright and cheery accent to the room.  

left: via {my home}  |  right: via {bookshelf porn}

I love the idea of arranging books by color - as a matter of fact, the image on the left is of my personal bookshelf.  The shelf itself is the expedite bookshelf from ikea.  The image on the right makes me drool. So many pretty books!  And so perfectly arranged!

 left: via {rue mag}  |  right: via {my home}

Built-ins are a perfect place for display as well as storage - a place to put all of those magazines that you've been hoarding and all your pretty chotchkies.  The image on the right is what I have come up with in my own home.

via {rue mag}

Simplicity.  Always so wonderful.
And those bowls are so very kate spade.  And everyone knows I love me some kate spade.

How do you address your bookshelves?  Have you been inspired by any of these?


haute hotels - park hyatt abu dhabi

As many of you may or may not know, I am actually a hospitality interior designer.  I recently spent 9 months living in Dubai, UAE designing luxury hotels in the middle east, and while I was there I visited many of the ones that were already built.  The contemporary interpretation of Arabic designs really fascinate me - it's really a beautiful style!  

There's so much white used in conduction with the traditional Arabic patterns.  The marriage of the two styles really is magical.

This is the brand new Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island.  It just opened in November 2011, and really reflects not only the Park Hyatt style, but the new Arabic style as well.

front view

infinity pool

Hello!  Who wouldn't want to stay here?  Who cares what the inside looks like?!
Not to mention that there are many villas around the main hotel, and each has it's own pool.  Imagine having this all to yourself...


park bar and grill 

beach house

Look at those tree trunk tables!  I want - no, need - one of those myself.  A beach house is a different concept for this part of the world, and I think this one hits the nail on the head.  And the views...

park king guest room

I am in love with the pattern on the windows in this guest room.  I'm not quite sure if it is a laser-cut metal screen, or a fabric behind the shade.  Another point about this room that I love is the approach to the desk.  Instead of a typical hotel desk, a pedestal table is used, which can double for a dining table for those room-service dinners.

I also wonder if the circle drop-down on the ceiling has a cove light behind it.  You don't typically get overhead lighting in a guestroom other than the entry lights and bath lights, so in a room this size, this way of addressing the lighting is very practical and attractive.

park king guest bath

LOVE.  Love.  love.
Here we go with the screens again.  I really do need a screen like this for my own house.  There is one for the closet door, behind the vanity mirror, and on the wall to the far right of the picture. I think this pattern is fabulous, and such a nice detail to add to an otherwise very simple room.  And a great way to pull in the Arabic influence.

And who doesn't want to lie in that tub?

park bar

Check the wine storage.  From a distance, it just looks like a chevron pattern, but get closer and see that it is wine bottles.

I will have to post photos of the Park Hyatt Dubai from when I visited - the style is oh-so similar to this one in Abu Dhabi - in typical Park Hyatt fashion.  Beautiful.


office envy

Lately I have been thinking a lot about home offices... mostly hoping to put together an amazing one for myself sometime soon.  I have been collecting images for years of spaces that I love.

Source {Lonny Mag}

Lonny Magazine has an amazing office, featured in their May/June 2011 issue.  I love how such a small space has been optimized for 2 people to work at the same time, and the brick wall in the back just adds so much character!  There is a lot going on in this small space, but since it is all very light, with a lot of white elements, it doesn't seem too busy to the eye.  And check out that amazing lamp in the back!  I suggest going to this issue to drool over the rest of the office, as well.

Source {Pinterest}

I love this office!  It's the ultimate designer office, with a spotless desk, plenty of layout space, a pin board for ideas and inspiration, and a bookshelf for all of the magazines and books full of pictures that every designer can never get enough of.  And those drawers, how ideal are they?!  It's the perfect hybrid of organization and creative clutter for me.  I would love to see what is going on in the rest of the room to the right, though.

Source {Pinterest}

The great thing about this work space is the beautiful built-in shelves in the back.  It's everything that a home office needs, in one small space, and even has a window view all day long!  The shelves are very interesting, as this isn't a shape you see very often.  It's a nice contemporary twist on a very traditional element.  Perfect for artwork, accessories, and practical storage as well!

Source {Pinterest}

This is a bedroom with an entire wall of work area - allowing for a large work space and storage for everything you could ever need.  The detail that is so wonderful is the pinboard on the wall, with ribbons to stick those inspiring images under.

Source {Pinterest}

Need I say anything??  I mean, hello shelf porn!

And then... there's the closet desks.  We've all seen them.  They can be so cliche, but every once in a while, you come across that little extra detail that makes it work a second look.  Plus, there's no denying how practical they are... as long as you have a free closet lying around.

Source {unknown}

I think the thing that draws me to this picture so much is that beautiful wood floor!  I know, completely office unrelated.  Sorry.

Source {unknown}

This one is in an Ikea wardrobe!  They're completely customizable, and can be made so inexpensively to the exact preferences that you have.

Source {Pinterest}

Don't forget to make use of every bit of space when you're working with a space this small.  The walls on either side of you are valuable vertical space to store small supplies like notepads, paper clips, pens, etc.

Source {Pinterest}

As with the last photo, this one shows how creative you can be with a few yards of wallpaper to spruce up an otherwise boring wall that you will be staring at for hours on end.  Take advantage of your doors, too.  Again, with the use every free bit of space.  With something this cute and organized, you are sure to look forward to working in your new space!