arranging bookshelves

Arranging bookshelves can be one of the hardest things to get right when decorating.  I, personally, have re-arranged mine umpteen times - and still do a little tweaking every once in a while.  I have gathered a few of my favorite images from across the web of the best bookshelves... built-in and mobile alike.

via {Lonny}

Both of these images are so lovely and show such a bright and cheery accent to the room.  

left: via {my home}  |  right: via {bookshelf porn}

I love the idea of arranging books by color - as a matter of fact, the image on the left is of my personal bookshelf.  The shelf itself is the expedite bookshelf from ikea.  The image on the right makes me drool. So many pretty books!  And so perfectly arranged!

 left: via {rue mag}  |  right: via {my home}

Built-ins are a perfect place for display as well as storage - a place to put all of those magazines that you've been hoarding and all your pretty chotchkies.  The image on the right is what I have come up with in my own home.

via {rue mag}

Simplicity.  Always so wonderful.
And those bowls are so very kate spade.  And everyone knows I love me some kate spade.

How do you address your bookshelves?  Have you been inspired by any of these?

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  1. I love to arrange bookshelves with books and other goodies that make it more personal. Whenever I redo mine, I always go to my favorite saved bookcases for tips. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!!