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As many of you may or may not know, I am actually a hospitality interior designer.  I recently spent 9 months living in Dubai, UAE designing luxury hotels in the middle east, and while I was there I visited many of the ones that were already built.  The contemporary interpretation of Arabic designs really fascinate me - it's really a beautiful style!  

There's so much white used in conduction with the traditional Arabic patterns.  The marriage of the two styles really is magical.

This is the brand new Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island.  It just opened in November 2011, and really reflects not only the Park Hyatt style, but the new Arabic style as well.

front view

infinity pool

Hello!  Who wouldn't want to stay here?  Who cares what the inside looks like?!
Not to mention that there are many villas around the main hotel, and each has it's own pool.  Imagine having this all to yourself...


park bar and grill 

beach house

Look at those tree trunk tables!  I want - no, need - one of those myself.  A beach house is a different concept for this part of the world, and I think this one hits the nail on the head.  And the views...

park king guest room

I am in love with the pattern on the windows in this guest room.  I'm not quite sure if it is a laser-cut metal screen, or a fabric behind the shade.  Another point about this room that I love is the approach to the desk.  Instead of a typical hotel desk, a pedestal table is used, which can double for a dining table for those room-service dinners.

I also wonder if the circle drop-down on the ceiling has a cove light behind it.  You don't typically get overhead lighting in a guestroom other than the entry lights and bath lights, so in a room this size, this way of addressing the lighting is very practical and attractive.

park king guest bath

LOVE.  Love.  love.
Here we go with the screens again.  I really do need a screen like this for my own house.  There is one for the closet door, behind the vanity mirror, and on the wall to the far right of the picture. I think this pattern is fabulous, and such a nice detail to add to an otherwise very simple room.  And a great way to pull in the Arabic influence.

And who doesn't want to lie in that tub?

park bar

Check the wine storage.  From a distance, it just looks like a chevron pattern, but get closer and see that it is wine bottles.

I will have to post photos of the Park Hyatt Dubai from when I visited - the style is oh-so similar to this one in Abu Dhabi - in typical Park Hyatt fashion.  Beautiful.

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