be bold with stripes!

Stripes have started to make a major statement across the board - in design, fashion, interiors - just about anywhere you look!  I'm seriously considering incorporating some painted stripes into my house [it's already taken over a large portion of the rest of my life], and I have been finding some great inspiration!!

left:  via {bh&g}   |   right: via {elements of style}

Look what a difference context can make!  The image on the left shows how clean and fresh a simple grey stripe can be, and the image on the right shows how a black & white contrast stripe with gallery-style photos on the walls can make for such an eclectic mix.

 left: via {west elm}  |  right: via {rue mag}

Check out the way the tile & grout lines make almost a pinstripe in the bathroom on the right.  So masculine, next to such a feminine claw-foot tub!

left: via {west elm}  |  right: via {elements of style}

left: via {kate spade}  |  right: via {etsy}

 via {j. crew}

left: via {kate spade}  |  right: via {etsy}

These notepads help combat miserable Mondays, and these straws help combat miserable 100 degree days!  Add a little color, and everything seems happier!

Check out this Dorothy Draper wallcovering juxtaposed with this teal striped ceiling.  Can you imaging walking down these stairs?  Dizzy much??

via {sketch 42}

I think this is exactly what I am looking for in my house!  So clean and subtle!